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Next week – we’re taking a look back through Season 1, and review the good, the bad, and the bug people.

No episode to watch for next time, just Paul and Jason reviewing the TNG roadmap as it stands, and looking forward to the rest of Season 1.  Our mid-season recap drops next week!


What should be an interesting Sci-Fi premise, and a compelling examination of gender roles, norms, and customs becomes just a weird sexist Riker romp.

Angel One is a great example of what happens when there are too many re-writes. Oh well, at least we’ll always have Ski-Fever…

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Evil Data shows us what makes Good Data so great! Plus, Brent Spiner gets a chance to do a super over the top villian / evil twin.

Jason Navarro (in this episode, we dub him Lore) joins Paul and Jason as we discuss one of the best… if not THE best episode in Season 1.

Datalore Preview

What if Data had an evil twin brother?

We’ll find out when we watch Datalore – one of the best and most fun episodes in Season 1.  Watch the show over the weekend, and we’ll discuss next week on Tuesday.  Here’s our preview.

Big Goodbye Episode Image

Another Season 1 episode that shows promise. Above all this episode shows what happens when you let the characters on “The Next Generation” feel a little more human, and have a little more fun.

We see the birth of the “Holodeck Episode”, Dixon Hill, Data’s fascination with the world of fiction, and so much more.

Come along with us, as we turn off the safety protocols and discuss “The Big Goodbye”!


Picard indulging in one of his favorite film noir crime stories?  Check.  Data and some random dude named “Whalen” crashing his psuedo-date with Dr. Crusher?  Check.  The first time we hear about the “safeties” in the holideck going haywire?  Check.

This episode is a fun one, and actually creates the mold that many Next Gen (and Voyager) episodes will follow.  Here’s our preview of next week’s show – where we discuss “The Big Goodbye”!


This week, the Enterprise travels to the mysterious planet Haven – said to have mystical healing powers. They never beam down once, and instead deal with Counselor Troi’s arranged marriage and a ship full of sexy plague victims.

Hiliary (who also happens to be Jason’s wife) steps in to guest host in Paul’s absence, and proves where the real talent in the marriage is…

Join us for our discussion of “Haven”

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The 24th Century… humanity has cured most diseases, eliminated poverty, and united hundreds of planets in a peaceful federation.

Stuff that’s still hanging around?  Arranged marriages… apparently.

A very special guest host joins Jason (and maybe Paul too – TBD) for the next episode of the HiFi Scifi Podcast – here’s our preview.

Hide and Q Episode Image

This week – Q (played by the amazing John de Lancie) returns to terrorize the Enterprise once more – but this time he turns his attention to Riker.

Jacob from the “Filmcast Without a Cause” podcast joins us to discuss all things Q, Worf, Riker, and “Viscious Animal Things”

To hear more of Jacob – check out this link –