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HFSF – Preview for Episode #9 – Hide and Q

Hide and Q Preview

Q is officially a recurring character, thanks to “Hide and Q”.  While Q is great, this episode isn’t quite as good as future outings with the all-powerful alien… but it begins to show where this story line is going.

Here’s our preview of next week’s show: “Hide and Q” – watch the show and then listen along with us next week!

HiFiSciFi Podcast
HFSF:Episode 8 – The Battle

The Battle - Episode Image

This Episode gives us:
-The Picard Maneuver
-The USS Stargazer (Picard’s first ship as captain)
-Cool ship design to nerd-out about

Honestly, what more could you want? For Season 1, this is as good as it gets folks. We discuss “The Battle” on this week’s show.

HiFiSciFi Podcast
HFSF – Preview for Episode #8 – The Battle

The Battle Preview

This episode is not only good, it may be the best episode in Season 1.  Ok, that may be going overboard a bit… but watch “The Battle”.  It’s one of the few TNG season 1 episodes that doesn’t completely fall apart by the end, and there’s some really good Picard character development here.

Seriously – newbies and lifelong Trekkers – watch “The Battle” and check out our show next week.

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HFSF:Episode 7 – Justice

E1x7 - Justice Image

In this episode, the Enterprise crew decides that a planet full of sex-hungry innocents is the perfect place for “shore leave”.  Unfortunately, they didn’t quite do their homework, and realize (way too late) that on this planet, any crime is punishable by death.  Bad news for Wesley Crusher, who accidentally vandalizes some plants and gets sentenced to death.

Ed joins us for a discussion of an episode that’s all over the map – as we discuss “Justice”.

HiFiSciFi Podcast
HFSF – Preview for Episode #7 – Justice


What is the prime directive?  Is it right to defy the laws of a planet if it means saving a member of the crew?  Normally, these compelling questions would be grounds for a great episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

However, “Justice” doesn’t quite get it right.  In failing to stick the landing, we get another classic Season 1 TNG episode.  Next time on our show – we break down the good, the bad, and the frilly clothing of “Justice.”  Show drops next week, on Tuesday – here’s our preview.

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HFSF:Episode 6 – Lonely Among Us

Lonely Among Us - Ep Image

This week Jason and Paul are joined by another Jason – so for the sake of clarity we will call this duplicate “Thomas”.

Also, we talk about an episode where Lizard people hate Dog people, and they go to a planet called Parliament to work out their differences. Picard turns into energy, and Data discovers Sherlock Holmes.

Our decision on this episode is split, but the entertainment in this show is confirmed.

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HFSF – Preview for Episode #6 – Lonely Among Us

Lonely Among Us - Preview

If you’re ok with universe-breaking plot contrivances – this next episode should be fun.  However, if quasi-magical space tech is a little too much for you, and “bear people” fighting “lizard people” seems like just a little too much cheese – you may want to pass on watching this next episode.

Next time, we discuss Season 1, Episode 6: “Lonely Among Us”.

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HFSF:Episode 5 – Where No One Has Gone Before

Where No1

After three episodes where so much goes wrong – to finally have an episode that goes so RIGHT feels like we’re seeing a different show. Abby joins us for a spirited discussion on The Traveler, Ludicrous Speed, and a Land of Pure Imagination.

Also – Wesley continues to wear terrible sweaters.