3 comments on “HFSF – Preview for Episode #2 – The Naked Now

  1. What’s really amazing about The Naked Now is that a) it didn’t kill TNG after two episodes and b) as terrible as this episode is, it’s not the worst.

  2. I must have been at just the right age to, having seen many other episodes, think this one was a fun episode. Yikes.

  3. As someone who watched almost all the episodes on their original air dates, I can say that back then I think a lot of people were just super excited to have ANY new trek and, at least from the production design, it looked like it had some serious money behind it. I remember reading at the time that the average per episode budget was $1 million. Crazy money back then.

    I just think a lot of us had faith that the bones of the show – the characters, the sets, the philosophy behind the show – was all really solid and they would eventually find their footing in the storytelling.

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