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Our next episode is an absolute bonkers “adventure” – here’s the preview.  Teenage love, shapeshifters, and absolutely dreadful costumes make this another weird Season 1/2 show… so this show is not newbie friendly, but it is entertaining.

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We promise, it gets better from here.

Paul and Jason reflect on Season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, consider their life choices up to this point, and praise the great bird of the galaxy because Season 2 is at least a little better than this.

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Too Short A Season Image

Jeremiah joins Paul and Jason for their most divided conversation yet. Old admirals who are young again, ancient scores to settle, and little to no action on screen – it all awaits you as we discuss “Too Short A Season” on this week’s show.

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Pat from the “Filmcast Without a Cause” podcast joins us to talk about the Binars, Holodecks, and Riker’s mental problems.

Episode Quality: Fun, Neat Sci-Fi Ideas, Slightly Cheesy
Episode Rating: Newbie Friendly (3/3 yes vote)

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