Q’s back – even though he said he wouldn’t be.  And this is the FIRST time he claims he wants to join the crew (he’ll use that old trick again).  But Q’s not just here to mess with the crew… he has an introduction to make.  Jacob Rosdail from the “Filmcast Without A Cause” joins us to discuss all things Q, The Borg, and Sonya Gomez.

The prime directive means that sometimes you let kids die, unless you can hear them beg for help on the radio.  Also, after you help the kid (and her whole planet) you have to make it right with ethically questionable surgery.  The Federation is messed up, man.

Paul and Jason talk over the episode TNG episode “Pen Pals” with guest host Dean, this week.

The Worf stuff in this episode is really good – it should be the main focus.  It’s not.  BUT – we manage to have fun with an episode that doesn’t really know what to do with Riker and his Dad, but manages to expand the character of Worf considerably with only 10 minutes of screentime.  “Other Jason” guest hosts.